Lucky Patcher APK 6.7.0 (2017 Update)

Lucky Patcher Description – We are all so annoyed when see ads going on our mobile phone we browse something online or play games.

Lucky Patcher is an amazing application on android that lets you easily remove ads (Google ads and even malicious ones that movie sites send to us). This is just one of the so many other great features that it has. Most of its functionalities can be done with a rooted android device while some even with non-rooted ones.

The app can be simply downloaded on Google App Store for free, most of the times it works without any problem but to some devices (usually old ones) it seems to restart the device (Don’t worry it’s not a malicious app, if something like that happens you can simply remove the app.)

Lucky Patcher

How to Download and install Lucky Patcher App:

Actually lucky Patcher is officially not available in app store which mean you cannot download and install directly the app on your Lucky Patcher for iOS device. But by downloading iPadian you can easily install lucky Patcher on your iOS device. This is also one of the best ways to install the app without Jailbreaking.

The easiest way to Download Lucky Patcher

Since Lucky Patcher does some harm to Google (by not showing their ads) it’s not directly on App Store, but that will not stop you to get it. You can download from iPadianĀ which also lets you download most of the apps even without doing the JailBreak.

Follow the steps below and you finally will Install Lucky Patcher on your iOS Device

  • As I mentioned before first you need to have iPadian on your phone from where you can download it easily the Lucky Patcher app
  • Search on iPadian for lucky patcher
  • Once the app is done with the search it will show up first on the screen
  • When the app asks for permission you should let it (confirm permission)
  • After you have successfully verified is done, you can simply press the Download button

This is it, even that the app has many functionalities and it seems only for developers, it’s not hard to download it rather than the other apps. Then you should see the icon of Lucky Patcher on your home screen, click on it and it will be opened.

Click the button below to Download Lucky Patcher APK V6.7

Is it safe to use Lucky Patcher?

I have been using Lucky Patcher for the past 2 years. All what I can say is that it has done an incredible job for me by giving me the opportunity to play every game that I want and it also fixed a major issue for me. The ads that kept showing always after I finished a battle on any game.

It is used on more than 20 million smartphones everday. If the app is doing a harm to them, of course you could learn about it on media and TVs. So I can say without a doubt it is safe to use.


Here are some screenshots of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher